The moment I knew I was a Lifestyle Photographer

The Evans family holds a very dear place in my heart. I had never met them before this day, Chris reached out to me to schedule a mini session through my Facebook advertisement. I sent out my family questionnaire as I do to all my clients because I CAN NOT walk into a session without preparing ahead of time and knowing what I am walking into. When I got it back and reviewed it I honestly was a little scared. It would be my first time photographing twins and they were only 18 months old at that! Luckily, they have a beautiful and very helpful big sister that they absolutely adore who helped tremendously and great parents. Even so, because of their age they were on the move and didn't want to hold still so I clicked away while they explored their surrounding and gave various prompts such as give mommy a kiss or sissy a hug. They moved quick and I had to be on my toes the entire time but the end result was AMAZING! The natural reactions and emotions that occur between humans is what drive me to be a lifestyle photographer. To look at a photograph and feel the emotion and connect is what I live for and the Evans helped me to do that.

Thank you Tima & Chris, I will be forever grateful.

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